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EV charger installation expert in Essex

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We are a reliable domestic electrical solutions provider. We cover everything from rewiring your home to installing new lighting. Our team of qualified professionals are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free consultation.

Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

We are at the fore-front of this innovation. A national network of electricians to suit your needs


Commercial EV charger installations

We provide EV charger that can deliver super fast "on the go" charging times, with embedded PoS technology. Mains powered or portable models to suit both commercial and civil customers!


Business EV charger installations

We make it easy to switch your fleet over. We offer a wide variety of scale-able vehicles with usage monitoring and control technology for any size business, from the smallest office or store all way up through large corporations that need multiple charge spots at their building!


Home EV charger installations

The future of driving is here! We have a wide variety chargers with all approved styles and colors - just what you need for your next electric vehicle purchase. As an expert installer, we can source the perfect charger point that meets both aesthetic appeal as well safety standards ensuring this will be one less thing on top o' things ta worry about when living green comes into play