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Hiring an electrical contractor is the first step for any remodelling, new home or commercial space project, ensuring your electric work is safe and secure.

What is electrical contracting?

Electrical contracting refers to the work done by electricians to design, install, maintain, and repair electrical systems. This can include a wide range of tasks, such as installing wiring in new construction projects, upgrading or repairing existing electrical systems, and providing maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Who is an electrical contractor?

Whether this is for brand-new properties or remodelling projects, a professional and licensed electrical contractor is required. Electrical contractors are responsible for ensuring that the electrical work they perform meets local and national electrical codes, as well as any other applicable regulations.

Why is an electrical contractor essential?

The safety of your new home or commercial building is crucial and heavily relies on correctly fitted electrics. Attempting to do the electrical work yourself or hiring someone unlicensed can result in damaging consequences. By hiring a qualified and licensed electrical contractor, will provide efficient, safe and effective working electrical elements across your building or home for long-term use.

As a leading electrical contracting firm in England, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and top-quality work. Our client base ranges from forever homes to local  and national businesses, delivering the power and electrical repairs they need, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

We cover electrical contracts like;

  • New construction:

Installing electrical systems in new buildings, including wiring, lighting, and power outlets.

  • Renovations and upgrades:

Upgrading or replacing existing electrical systems in existing buildings.

  • Maintenance and repair:

Providing ongoing maintenance and repairing electrical systems as needed.

  • Emergency repair Call-outs:

Responding to urgent electrical issues, such as power outages or faulty wiring.

  • Specialised projects:

Our contractors also specialise in certain areas, such as renewable energy systems, data communications, or lighting design.


Some other common examples of electrical contracting projects that we have worked on include installing electrical systems in new homes or commercial buildings, upgrading electrical panels or service entrances, installing outdoor lighting or security systems, and providing maintenance and repair services for electrical systems.

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Here are various ways we can help.

  • Residential electrical contractor

    Our team specialises in providing a variety of residential electrical services, including wiring, installations, repairs, and replacements for both brand-new and remodeled homes. 

  • Commercial electrical contractor

    At Electrofy ltd, we understand that all businesses, whether local or corporate, need a dependable source of electrical power to run smoothly. From restaurants and churches to warehouses and hotels, we offer a range of services to ensure that your business has the electricity it needs to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Electrical maintenance contractor

    Regular maintenance of your home or business's electrical infrastructure is crucial in order to identify and address any potential issues or damage before they become more serious. It can be challenging to detect problems on your own, especially if your electrical devices and appliances are functioning properly. That's why it's important to have one of our skilled electricians perform regular maintenance checks. 

Experience a committed, professional and confident job with our team at Electrofy. 

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